Taiwan No.1 Mall Media

C2 is Taiwan's market leader in DOOH media.  Through our dominant networks in up-scale shopping malls and cinemas, C2 focuses on helping advertisers more efficiently & cost effectively deliver dynamic digital advertising messages at targeted, high traffic venues.

We reach more than 20 million viwers per month with relevant lifestyle, entertainment and informative contents.

Prime Location

With 300+ portrait screens at over 38 locations nationwide, C2 enables advertisers to deliver high impact, relevant & targeted marketing to affluent consumers within large shopping malls and cinemas.


Advanced Technology

As a market leader, C2 has set unparalleled standard of solutions for our customers.  With large size display of 55"~65", 1080p Full HD content, wireless connectivity, and mobile application capabilities, C2 delivers a unique outdoor advertising medium where targeting upscale consumers pay attention and transact 


Creative Visual Communications

With our deep experiences in visual communications, C2's creative team tells the brand's visual story by connecting viewer's behaviors & emotions, impactful content design & brand spirits.